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Fall 2014

Course Title

Instructor(s) Time Location

FrSem 33j

Politics of Display and the Arts of South and Southeast Asia


AIU 40

Monuments of Islamic Architecture

Necipoğlu/Roxburgh TBA TBA
AIU 58 Modern Art and Modernity Lajer-Burcharth /Buchloh/Gough TBA TBA
HAA 18k Intro to Japanese Art McCormick TBA TBA
HAA 22 The Architectural Imagination Hays/Naginski TBA TBA
HAA 65 Baroque Art Connors TBA TBA
HAA 99 Senior Thesis Seminar Cummins TBA TBA
HAA 137p Roman Dinner Party Bielfeldt TBA TBA
HAA 143r Art of the Court of Constantinople Kalavrezou TBA TBA
HAA 168v The Vatican Connors TBA TBA
HAA 179x Construction Labs  I & II Hays/Mulligan TBA TBA
AAAS 188x Contemporary African Art Blier TBA TBA
HAA 191w Image of the Black in Western Art  Bindman/Blier TBA TBA
HAA 191x Books and Things in the Colonial World Cummins TBA TBA
HAA 224k Islamic Art Historiography Necipoğlu TBA TBA
HAA 242 Openings: Issues of Interpretation in Medieval Art Hamburger TBA TBA
HAA 270y The Philosophical Chamber Roberts/Lasser TBA TBA
HAA 271p Reading, Drawing, Printing Architecture Payne TBA TBA
HAA 272e Painting and its Discontents Lajer-Burcharth TBA TBA
HAA 272z Post WWII European Art (Part II) Buchloh TBA TBA
HAA 273m Drawing Operations from Fauvism to the Cut-Outs: Henri Matisse Gough TBA TBA
HAA 275w The Thing Roberts TBA TBA
HAA 279k William Kentridge Koerner/Koerner TBA TBA
HAA 282k Art of Indian Esoteric Buddhism Kim TBA TBA
HAA 283s Chinese Art: Han through Tang Wang TBA TBA
HAA 289p Sotatsu Lippit TBA TBA
HAA 310a Methods and Theory of Art History Roxburgh TBA TBA