Career Planning

Dossier Service

Doctoral students are advised to register online for the dossier service early in their graduate studies; reference letters may be used for fellowship and job market applications. Online registration for the Dossier Service is available. Students should provide the advisor and committee members with a copy of the application letter and curriculum vitae when requesting reference letters, and will need to furnish the dossier service with the appropriate waivers to ensure their confidentiality.


Post.Harvard email account

A Post.Harvard address is not a stand-alone email account.  Rather, it is a service that will forward messages to a designated email address.  In order to receive messages sent to a Post.Harvard address, forwarding must be activated.

It is not possible to retrieve messages directly from a Post.Harvard email address, either through the web or using a desktop email program.  Messages sent to a Post.Harvard address can only be retrieved through the address to which mail is being forwarded.

Post.Harvard email addresses are separate from other Harvard email addresses, such as student addresses.  Creating a Post.Harvard email address will not allow alumni to continue receiving mail through student addresses after these addresses have expired.