FRSEM 63U - Build a Modern Art Exhibition—Dig up Harvard’s Archives





Felipe Pereda

The making of an exhibition entails a thorough process of investigation. We will need to find the works of art, document them and construct an argument that will be brought to life at a museum gallery. The goal of this seminar is to give you the chance to participate in the research and design of this exhibition, that focuses on the work of a major figure of Spanish and Filipino art of the 20th century, Fernando Zobel (1926-1984), programmed at the Prado Museum, Madrid. A Harvard Graduate (1949) whose love for painting and collecting mandated his life, Zóbel saw and cultivated art as a universal language without frontiers. Harvard’s archives hold hundreds of Zobel’s letters, drawings, paintings and even his class note-books that will guide us into the fascinating life of a modern artist while allowing you to channel the role of a curator.

Some knowledge of Spanish will be useful but is not required. Zóbel was bilingual, Spanish/English and expressed himself in either language.