HAA 120K - Transregional Echoes from Anatolia to India: Practices & Aesthetics of Timurid-Turkmen Architecture





Gulru Necipoglu

Examines the “international Timurid-Turkmen” tradition of architecture, urbanism, gardens, and multimedia ornament in Anatolia, Iran/Central Asia, and India from a transregional perspective. The primary focus is on early Ottoman Anatolia and the Balkans, especially the capital cities of Iznik/Nicea, Bursa, Edirne, and Istanbul, along with their major monuments, ornamental idioms, and architectural practices. Monuments in neighboring as well as contemporaneous polities will be considered from a comparative and connective perspective, rather than given full treatment (Timurid-Turkmen Iran/Central Asia, Mamluks in Syria-Egypt, and Sultanate/Bahmanid India). Final student research papers can focus on these polities or other relevant regions.