HAA 292 - Colonial Art of Mexico and the Andes





Thomas Cummins

Monday, 3:00pm - 5:45pm

“Something New, Something Old:  A Marriage Made in Hell”

This seminar will examine how the new is rendered as something known. This conundrum is, in and of itself, an unprecedented problem.  As such, the seminar will examine the relationship between differing theoretical approaches to urban spaces, architecture, pictorial production and consumption, and the historical investigation of colonial Latin American art and architecture in the 16th and 17th centuries.  Some questions to be explored through specific readings and works are:

What is the intersection between formal studies of colonial objects and images with the questions formed to interpret them? Is it the same as in the study of European studies, or are there differences?  Is pictorial perspective a visual imperative once it is introduced? What is the nature of hybridity/syncretism, emulation, copying and materiality?  How does one study synesthetics in the colonial period?  Do the differences between European and American languages affect space, vision and object?  How do text and image operate in the various publics of Mexico and Peru?