HAA 98BR - Junior Group Tutorial: "East Asian Painting: China, Korea, Japan"





Seung Hee Oh, Instructor

Tuesdays, 3 pm - 5 pm

Group tutorial, offers concentrators the choice of several study groups investigating a particular field of art of architectural history. Required of concentrators, generally in the Junior year.

The three regions of East Asia—China, Japan, and Korea—reveal intimate conjunctions and integration in their pictorial vocabulary and source of inspiration. This course explores important works of East Asian painting from the fourth to the early twentieth century. While having students get familiar with the format, material, subject matter, and terminology in East Asian painting, the course aims to nurture in-depth understanding of critical issues pertaining to various historical periods and genres. Each session will proceed chronologically and focus on one or two central pieces alongside with related themes to explore: painting theory, gender, materiality, literati culture, transnationalism, and patronage. In doing so, this course will provide students with solid foundation for advanced readings in East Asian art history.