Dissertation Completion

GSAS Dissertation Completion Fellowship

G4+ February 10, 2017 deadline to upload into CARAT system -- advisor uploads evaluation directly into the system

Nothing is submitted to the department directly.

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For GSAS fellowships, the following are the steps and requirements:

The most important new step is that students now apply for the GSAS dissertation completion fellowship entirely through the electronic CARAT application by the deadline of February 10. This replaces the old system of submitting applications to departments on a designated department deadline.  The CARAT application is available at the GSAS Fellowships Office website at the bottom of the DCF webpage.  In addition to the CARAT application form, the following items need to be uploaded into the electronic GSAS application.

  • Application form – found in the CARAT system
  • Evaluation forms to be completed by the principal dissertation advisor and an additional advisor, upon receiving the two dissertation chapter drafts, or the equivalent.  The form is also to be signed by the student applicant, who will upload the two signed evaluation forms into the electronic application. In order for the applicant to have this form completed by the application deadline, the submission of chapter drafts should be the earliest step in the process. Note that this form replaces the formerly required letters of recommendation.
  • Prepare the dissertation abstract (one-page double-spaced) along with a Table of Contents indicating progress status for each chapter and upload that as well.
  • No transcripts
As noted above, students who apply for GSAS dissertation completion fellowships must also apply for all other internal and external completion fellowships for which they are eligible, either from a Harvard source, such as a research center or departmental fellowship, or an external funding source.  A list of participating Harvard research centers appears on the DCF page of the Fellowships Office website; for external fellowship opportunities, see the online Graduate Guide to Grants on the same webpage.  (Again, Presidential Scholars and Ashford Fellows need not take this step.)

CARAT applications to the participating Harvard research centers, although similar to the GSAS process, must be submitted directly to each individual Harvard center to which you are applying.

Sample winning fellowship applications of all types are archived for reference in the Department Administrator’s office.