Faculty Office Hours

Note to students:

If signing up for office hours via Google spreadsheet: Spreadsheets will only require adding your name to available slots, and will not generate any automated notifications or sync to personal calendars. If signing up via spreadsheet, it is your responsibility to return to that spreadsheet to update your appointment if or as needed (eg to cancel, etc).

If signing up for office hours utilizing Google Appointment Slots: This method has the potential to show notification time zone conflicts if settings are incorrect. Be mindful that unless otherwise indicated, faculty office hours are in EST.  Please see this page for a checklist of time zone settings.


Professor Buchloh's Office Hours (Spreadsheet)
Professor Georganteli's Office Hours (Spreadsheet)
Professor Gough's Office Hours (By appointment only - email)
Professor Hamburger's Office Hours (By appointment only - email)
Professor Kim's Office Hours (Spreadsheet)
Professor Lajer-Burcharth's Office Hours (Spreadsheet)
Professor Lambert-Beatty's Office Hours (Appointment Slots)
Professor Lewis's Office Hours (Open office hours calendar, no sign-up required)
Professor Roberts's Office Hours (Appointment Slots)
Professor Roxburgh's Office Hours (Spreadsheet)