Graduate Fellowships

G1 & 2:

Summer School Tuition Waiver
Pre-Dissertation Summer Fellowship


Kennedy, Knox and Sheldon Travel Fellowships
Summer School Tuition Waiver
Pre-Dissertation Summer Fellowship


Merit and Term Time Research Fellowships
Dissertation Completion Fellowships


Additional Fellowships and Internships

Aga Khan Program
Harvard Art Museums
FAS Prize Office: Prizes by Category


Non-Harvard Fellowships

National Gallery, Kress, Dedalus, Graham

G4+ (September 27 10:00 a.m. deadline) email via WeTransfer as one pdf

This material is requested as one pdf for nomination. Recommendation letters should be sent directly to the department administrator. One is required ON the submission deadline. The final application deadline (if nominated) for the National Gallery is November 15 and all material must be submitted online. If you are nominated for the Kress, Dedalus, or Graham Foundation grants you will collect and send the application yourself.One nomination is possible for each National Gallery category and two for the Kress Institutional*; one each for Dedalus and Graham.

*Please note: If one of your recommenders for the Kress Institutional Fellowship is on the selection committee at the institution for which you are applying, they will be removed from the committee.

Sample winning fellowship applications of all types are archived for reference in the Graduate Program Coordinator's office.


National Gallery Predoctoral Dissertation Fellowship Program

Kress Foundation History of Art Institutional Fellowship Program

Dedalus Dissertation Fellowship

Graham Foundation Carter Manny Award