April 18, 2020

With many students moving their graduation date from May to November, GSAS has received questions about whether these students will need to pay tuition. Students who apply for and receive the November 2020 degree are not charged tuition for the fall term, as the spring term is considered their final term of enrollment. Students can elect to pay for health coverage through January 31, 2021, if they submit their dissertation ON the September deadline (tentatively scheduled for September 9). Students who DO NOT wish to retain health coverage should submit their dissertation ON OR BEFORE September 8.

The degree calendar for 2020–2021 is now available.

If you are concerned about a student having academic or personal difficulties, email Danielle Farrell, director of the Office of Student Services. Danielle assists students navigate and connect with GSAS, Harvard, and local resources. Danielle also provides advice and ongoing support, making referrals to other services as necessary.

Students can email the Fellowships Office to set up an individual counseling appointment to discuss their fellowship proposal and receive advice on how to articulate the significance of their fellowship project.