Language Tuition Waiver

Harvard Summer School Tuition Fellowship

Department internal deadline for application January 30, 2017 (for ranking purposes)  IN CARAT

letters will be uploaded by faculty to CARAT as well by Feb. 10, 2017

The GSAS Summer School Tuition Fellowships are intended to enable doctoral students to engage in language study at the Harvard Summer School in Cambridge, either to prepare for their department foreign language exam, or to prepare for language needs related to the dissertation. Please note: This opportunity ordinarily is for use in the summer following the G1 or G2 or G3 year, but under special circumstances students in later years may apply. Note as well, that this fellowship does not apply to Harvard Summer School programs that are conducted abroad; it is exclusively for Harvard Summer School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Winners of the GSAS Summer School Tuition Fellowship will receive a single tuition waiver for one language course at the Harvard Summer School. Ordinarily it is restricted to a 4-unit course (exceptions made for those who can make a legitimate case for an 8-unit course). All applicants are responsible for their application fee. This fellowship is for Harvard Summer School only and may not be used at any other Harvard school or other institution. It is strongly advised that you register promptly on receipt of this award, as courses get filled up quickly in some languages.

Candidates should be GSAS doctoral students in the humanities or social sciences. As noted above, the competition is ordinarily for use in the summer following the G1, G2 or G3 year; it does not cover Harvard Summer School programs abroad.

1. In applying for summer fellowships, students may apply either for a Graduate Society Predissertation Summer Fellowship OR a Summer School Tuition Fellowship; they may not apply for both. In addition, applicants for either Summer fellowship may not apply for a Graduate Society Fellowship in any other category during the same application year.

2. Students who have received either a Harvard Summer School Tuition Fellowship or a Graduate Society Summer Fellowship in the past are no longer eligible to apply for either of these awards. However, they are not disqualified if they have received the GSAS Summer Research Awards since these are made available outside of the process of GSAS fellowship competitions, and hence on a completely different basis.