Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment to speak with a faculty member?
Most faculty keep their own appointment schedules so you should contact the faculty member directly. A list of faculty telephone numbers is available on the website. 

How to I make an appointment for a prospective student interview?
Prospective student interviews are limited and are not procedural. Contact faculty with your specific field of interest directly. General questions may be answered by staff. Prospective student interviews do not take place after the admissions process has begun, generally around January 5.

What is the minimum GRE score or GPA needed to be admitted?
There is no minimum score or grade point average. A candidate's complete background is taken into account in the admissions evaluation.

Which writing sample should I send with my admissions application?
Send only one writing sample and the one that best represents your work of a reasonable length. Writing samples should not exceed 20 pages; do not send a longer sample with instructions to read a particular section. Make sure that your file is in PDF format and does not exceed 2.5 MB (2,500 kb) in size.