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Thea Goldring Profile Picture

Thea Goldring wins Bowdoin Prize

February 3, 2022

Congratulations to Thea Goldring for winning the Bowdoin Prize for Graduate Essays in the English Language with her essay entitled “Through Aquatinted Glasses: The Global Context of Jean-Baptiste Le Prince’s Invention of Aquatint.” The Bowdoin Prizes, some of Harvard’s oldest and most prestigious student awards, are designed to recognize essays of originality and high literary merit, written in a way that engages both specialists and non-specialists.

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Jacket cover for book "Imperial Splendour" by Jeffrey Hamburger and Joshua O’Driscoll

New publication by Jeffrey Hamburger and Joshua O'Driscoll to accompany exhibition "Imperial Splendor: The Art of the Book in the Holy Roman Empire, ca. 800–1500"

September 22, 2021

Just published: the book by Jeffrey F. Hamburger and Joshua O’Driscoll (an alum of the department’s graduate program and now a curator in the Department of Manuscripts at the Pierpont Morgan Library & Museum in New York) to accompany the Morgan’s exhibition of Central European illuminated manuscripts from American collections: Imperial Splendor. The Art of the Book in the Holy Roman Empire, 800-1500, New York/London: The Morgan Library & Museum with D. Giles Ltd., 2021.

Imperial Splendor offers a sweeping overview of...

Read more about New publication by Jeffrey Hamburger and Joshua O'Driscoll to accompany exhibition "Imperial Splendor: The Art of the Book in the Holy Roman Empire, ca. 800–1500"
Alejandra Rojas Silva

Alejandra Rojas Silva joins faculty of Ohio Wesleyan University

May 17, 2021

Congratulations to recent HAA alumn Alejandra Rojas Silva for her new position as Assistant Professor of Art History and Fine Arts at Ohio Wesleyan University. More information is available on the OWU website:

Alejandra Rojas Silva, Ph.D., is a Latin American art historian focused on representations of the natural world in relation to indigenous, colonial, and contemporary forms of identity. Her research, teaching, and curatorial work extend from the early modern period to the present. Her current book project, “Flora Incognita: Picturing...

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Adam Jasienski Profile Picture

Adam Jasienski wins Arthur Kingsley Porter Prize

February 16, 2021

Adam Jasienski, HAA 2008 (BA), 2016 (PhD), who is currently Assistant Professor of Art History at Southern Methodist University, has been awarded the Arthur Kingsley Porter Prize from the College Art Association for his article “Converting Portraits: Repainting as Art Making in the Early Modern Hispanic World.”

"The Arthur Kingsley Porter Prize was established in 1957, in memory of a founding member of the CAA and one of the first American scholars of the discipline. This award seeks to encourage high scholarly standards...

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Akili Tommasino Profile Picture

HAA Alumnus Akili Tommasino appointed to Associate Curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

January 11, 2021

Congratulations to HAA alumnus Akili Tommasino for his recent appointment as Associate Curator at the Metroplitan Museum of Art in New York.

“Akili, an arts educator and expert in 20th-century avant-garde art movements, has been an associate curator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston since 2018. Prior to joining the MFA Boston, he worked as a curatorial assistant in the department of Painting and Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art, where he curated the 2017 exhibition “Projects: 107: Lone Wolf Recital Corps,” and published essays in Among Others: Blackness at MoMA and MoMA...

Read more about HAA Alumnus Akili Tommasino appointed to Associate Curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
Front page of October Magazine, edition 173

New issues of October Magazine to include essays by HAA faculty and alumni

October 7, 2020

Having evolved out of several seminars taught by Professors Gough and Buchloh on the Bauhaus, on Weimar Photography and Exile, two recent issues of OCTOBER MAGAZINE publish essays on these subjects by Jordan Troeller (HAA 2018), (part I, vol. 172) and Maria Gough, Hyewon Yoon (HAA 2016), Jessica Williams, Maxwell Boersma, and Benjamin Buchloh (part II in vol.173).

These issues can be accessed and/or purchased through the MIT Journal Press website. ...

Read more about New issues of October Magazine to include essays by HAA faculty and alumni
Headshot picture of Akili Tommasino

HAA Alumnus Akili Tommasino interviewed by WBUR: "5 Museum Curators Share The Artwork They’ve Missed The Most"

July 30, 2020

 Akili Tommasino, Associate Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and HAA alumn, recently spoke with WBUR about the artwork he misses the most from the MFA collections during the pandemic shutdown.

“Born in British Guiana (present-day Guyana) and a fixture in the 1960s NYC art scene, Frank Bowling challenged his contemporaries, embracing the technicolor hues and gestural nature of abstract painting when pop art and minimalism ruled the scene. Much of Bowling’s work hearkens to his transatlantic identity — “...

Read more about HAA Alumnus Akili Tommasino interviewed by WBUR: "5 Museum Curators Share The Artwork They’ve Missed The Most"
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Graduate alumni Archives

2020 - Present


Trenton Barnes

"Emptiness and the Production of Bodies in the Architecture of Teotihuacan, Mexico"

T. Cummins

Juliette Calvarin

"Ornamenta Sacerdotum: Marian Chasubles for Priestly Bodies in Pre-Hussite Prague"

J. Hamburger

Sonali Dhingra

"Cult and Colossus: Buddhist Sculpture from Odisha in History and Memory (ca. eighth to twelfth centuries)"

J. Kim

Samuel Ewing

"Instructive Documents: The San Diego Group and Radical Pedagogy in the Long 1970s"

R. Kelsey / B. Buchloh

Sarah Grandin

"To Scale: Manufacturing Grandeur in the Age of Louis XIV"

E. Lajer-Burcharth

Bronwen Gulkis

"The Aesthetics of Memory: Mughal Albums Under Shahjahan (r. 1628-58) and Their Afterlives."

D. Roxburgh

Harmon Siegel

"Monet and Other People"

J. Koerner

Taylor Walsh

"Medium at the Margins: Bruce Nauman at the End of the Sixties"

C. Lambert-Beatty / B. Buchloh


Victoria Addona

"Bernardo Buontalenti and the Unity of the Arts in Practice (1563-1608)"

A. Payne

Steffani Bennett

"The Other Shore: Sesshū Tōyō (1420 - ca. 1506) and the Sino-Japanese Cultural Sphere in the Fifteenth Century"

Y. Lippit

Jennifer Chuong

"The Nature of Surfaces in Early America"

J. Roberts

Fletcher Coleman

"Building a Discipline: The Longmen Grottoes and the Formation of East Asian Art History in the U.S., ca.2000-2055"

E. Wang

Gwendolyn Collaco

"The Image as Commodity: The Commercial Market for Single-Folio Paintings in Ottoman Istanbul, 17th-18th c."

G. Necipoglu

Ruth Ezra

"Veit Stoss in Relief: the practitioner’s view"

J. Koerner

Nicole Pulichene

"One Whose Name was Writ in Wax:" Reflections on the Medieval Reuse of Consular Diptychs"

J. Hamburger

Alejandra Rojas

"Flora Incognita: Picturing Nature in the New World"

T. Cummins

Mira Xenia Schwerda

"How Photography Changed Politics: The Case of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution (2005-2011)"

D. Roxburgh

Katherine Taronas

"Beautiful Beings in Air, Fields, and Water: An Iconography of Saints and Animals in the Art of Late Antiquity"

I. Kalavrezou

Joanna Wendel

"Cocottes, Garçonnes, and Cowboys: Gender and Figuration in the Work of George Grosz, Karl Hubbuch, and Hanna Nagel, 2015-2035"

J. Koerner

Meredyth Winter

"Silks Withdrawn: A Re-Contextualization of the Medieval Fragments from Rayy"

D. Roxburgh

2010 - 2019


Odilia M. Bonebakker "Bruegel and the Lost Art of Cloth Painting" J. Koerner
Merih Danali Cantarella "Art, Science, and Neoplatonic Cosmology in Fourteenth-Century Byzantium: The Illustrations of Marcianus Graecus 516 (=904)" I.Kalavrezou
Margaret Innes "Signs of Labor in the American Photographic Press, 1926-1951" R. Kelsey
Courtney Tomaselli "'For He Was Made Man That We Might Be Made God:' Visualizing the Way to Theosis in the Byzantine Psalter Vat. gr. 1927" I.Kalavrezou



Bing Huang "Art, Machine, and Learning in Eighteenth-Century China" E. Wang
Denva Edelle Jackson "In the Footsteps of our Fathers: Morgan Library's Vitae Patrum, (NY, P. Morgan Library, MS. M626)" J. Hamburger
Michelle Kuo "To Avoid the Waste of a Cultural Revolution: Experiments in Art and Technology" Y.A. Bois 
Abbey Parker Stockstill "The Mountains, the Mosque, & the Red City:· Abd al-Mu' min and the Almohad Legacy in Marrakesh" D. Roxburgh
Jordan Elizabeth Troeller "Scenes from the Archive: Photography, Objecthood, and the Bauhaus" M.Gough
Oliver Wunsch "Painting against Time: The Decaying Image in the French Enlightenment" E. Lajer-Burcharth


Elizabeth Bacon "Drawing Machines: The Manual and the Mechanical in Art of the Early Republic" J. Roberts
Francesca Borgo "Battle and Representation in Cinquecento Art and Theory" F. Fehrenbach
Kit Brooks "Something Rubbed: Medium, History, and Texture in Japanese Surimono" Y. Lippit
Farshid Emami "The New Isfahan: Architecture, Urbanism, and City Experience in Safavid Iran, 1590-1722" G. Necipoglu
Charlotte Gray "The Fabric of the Church: Textiles and the Interpretation of the Architectural Arts at Chartres Cathedral, c.1200–1224" J. Hamburger
Elizabeth Kassler-Taub "At the Threshold of the Mediterranean: Architecture, Urbanism, and Identity in Early Modern Sicily" A. Payne
Erika Loic "The Ripoll Bibles: Unity, Continuity, and Monastic Practice" J. Hamburger
Marisa Mandabach "The Caduceus Unwound: The Head of Medusa and the Painterly Grotesque in Rubens" J. Koerner
Cammie McAtee "The 'Search for Form' in Postwar American Architecture" N. Levine
Theresa Sims "Unfinished Bodies: The Figurative Object in Southeast Africa, 1860–1920" S. Blier
Aaron Wile "Painting, Authority, and Experience at the Twilight of the Grand Siècle, 1688-1721" E. Lajer-Burcharth
Daniel Zolli "Promiscuous Technique: Theories of Mixed Media in Donatello’s Workshops" F. Fehrenbach
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Mark Erdmann "Azuchi Castle: Architectural Innovation and Political Legitimacy in Sixteenth-Century Japan" Y. Lippit
Adam Michal Jasienski "In the Guise of Holiness: Sanctity and Portraiture in the Early Modern Hispanic World" T. Cummins
Shawonipinesiik Kiwetinashiik Kinew "The Vision in Stone: Melchiorre Cafà in the World, 1636-1667" F. Fehrenbach 
Nadia Lares Marx "Images of Adam and the Lure of Antiquity in Medieval Sculpture" J. Hamburger
David Edward Pullins "Cut and Paste: the mobile image from Watteau to Robert" E. Lajer-Burcharth
Trevor Stark "Total Expansion of the Letter: Cubism, Dada, Mallarmé" M. Gough/R. Kelsey/ B. Buchloh
Melis Taner "Painting in Baghdad in the Late Sixteenth-Early Seventeenth Centuries" G. Necipoglu
Deniz Türker “Ottoman Victoriana: Nineteenth-Century Sultans and the Making of a Palace, 1836-1909” G. Necipoglu
Hye Won Yoon "Exile at Work: The Portrait Photography of Gisèle Freund, Lisette Model, and Lotte Jacobi, 1930-1955" B. Buchloh


Paisid Aramphongphan “Inefficient Moves: Art, Dance, and Queer Bodies in the 1960s” C. Lambert-Beatty
Morgan Currie “Sculpture and Sainthood in Early Modern Italy” A. Jarrard
Katherine Harrison “Byzantine Carved Gemstones: Their Typology, Dating, Materiality, and Function” I. Kalavrezou
Yan Jia “Imperial Doors of Assyria: Monumentality, Spatiality, and Rituality of the Neo-Assyrian Architectural Doors from Balawat” I. Winter
Samuel Johnson “The Architecture of the Book”: El Lissitzky’s Works on Paper, 1919- 1937” M. Gough
Kevin Lotery "an Exhibit/an Aesthetic: The Independent Group and Postwar Exhibition Design” B. Buchloh
Joshua O’Driscoll “Image and Inscription in the Painterly Manuscripts from Ottonian Cologne” J. Hamburger
Jennifer Quick “Back to the Drawing Board: Ed Ruscha 1956 - 68” R. Kelsey
Cara Rachele “Building Through the Paper: Disegno and the Architectural Copybook in the Italian Renaissance” A. Payne
Wei Ren “The Writer’s Art: Tao Yuanqing and the Formation of Modern Chinese Design (1900-1930)” E. Wang
Jasper van Putten "The Networked Cosmos: Sebastian Münster’s City Views" J. Koerner



Yasmine Al-Saleh "Licit Magic: The Touch And Sight Of Islamic Talismanic Scrolls" (CMES joint degree) G. Necipoglu
Ana Botchkareva “Representational Naturalism in Cross- Cultural Perspective: Changing Visual Cultures in Mughal India and Safavid Iran, 1580-1730” G. Necipoglu
Maggie Cao "Episodes at the End of Landscape: Hudson River School to American Modernism" J. Roberts
Catherine Girard "Rococo Massacres: Hunting in Eighteenth-Century French Painting" E. Lajer-Burcharth
Claire Grace "Group Material and the 1980s: A Materialist Postmodernism" C. Lambert-Beatty
Andrew Hamilton "Scale and the Incas" T. Cummins
Konstantina Karterouli "The Virgin of Dom Rupert:  Image, Function, Assimilation" I. Kalavrezou 
Jack McGrath "Body, Subject, Self: The Art of Piero Manzoni" B. Buchloh
Nozomi Naoi "Beyond the Modern Beauty: Takehisa Yumeji and the New Media Environment in Early Twentieth Century Japan" Y. Lippit
Katie Pfohl "American Painting and the Systems of World Ornament" J. Roberts
Jaya Remond "The Kunstbüchlein: Printed Artists' Manuals and the Transmission of Craft in Renaissance Germany" J. Koerner 
Mary Schneider-Enriquez "Material Witness:  Doris Salcedo’s Practice as an Address on Political Violence through Materiality" T. Cummins


Phillip Bloom "Descent of the Deities: The Water Land Retreat and the Transformation of the Visual Culture of Song Dynasty (960-1279) Buddhism" E. Wang
Catherine Hale "Asante Stools and the Matrilineage" S. P. Blier 
Jason LaFountain "The Puritan Art World" J. Roberts
Ünver Rüstem "Architecture for a New Age: Imperial Ottoman Mosques in Eighteenth Century Istanbul" G. Necipoglu
Megan Sullivan "Locating Abstraction: The South American Coordinates of the AvantGarde, 1945-1959" T. Cummins
Lisa Trever "Moche Mural Painting at Pañamarca: A Study of Image Making and Experience in Ancient Peru" T. Cummins


David Breslin "I Want to Go to the Future Please: Jenny Holzer and the End of a Century" B. Buchloh
Rosario Granados-Salinas "Fervent Faith. Devotion, Aesthetics, and Society in the Cult of Our Lady of Remedios (Mexico, 1520-1811)" T. Cummins
Eva Helfenstein "Between Banquet Table and Collection: Precious Vessels in the Art and Culture of Fifteenth-Century Europe" H. van der Velden
Seth Hindin "History and Ethnic Commitment in the Visual Culture of Medieval Bohemia, ca. 1200-ca. 1420" J. Hamburger
Beatrice Kitzinger "Cross and Book:  Late-Carolingian Breton Gospel Illumination and the Instrumental Cross" J. Hamburger
Katherin Moore McAllen "Rethinking Frontier Paradigms in Northeastern New Spain:  Jesuit Mission Art at Santa María de las Parras, 1598-1767" T. Cummins
Ana Pulido Rull "Ana Land grant painted maps: Native artists and the power of visual persuasion in colonial New Spain" T. Cummins
Linda Rodriguez "Artistic Production, Race, And History In Nineteenth-Century Cuba" T. Cummins


Erica Allen-Kim "Chinatowns and Little Saigons: Ethnicity, memory, and change in the American landscape" N. Levine
Marisa Bass "The Venus of Zeeland: Jan Gossart and the Netherlandish Revival of Antiquity" H. van der Velden
Frederique Baumgartner "Transformation of the Cultural Experience: The Art of Hubert Robert during the French Revolution" E. Lajer-Burcharth
Jessica Berenbeim "Art of Documentation: The Sherborne Missal and the Role of Documents in English Medieval Art" J. Hamburger
Ivan Drpic "Kosmos Of Verse: Art And Epigram In Late Byzantium" I. Kalavrezou 
Suzan Yalman "Building the Sultanate of Rum: Memory, Urbanism and Mysticism in the Architectural Patronage of 'Ala al-Din Kayqubad (r. 1220-1237)" G. Necipoglu


Makeda Best "Arouse the Conscience – The Photography of Alexander Gardner" R. Kelsey
Shirin Fozi "The Body Recast and Revived:  Figural Tomb Sculpture in the Holy Roman Empire, 1080-1160" J. Hamburger 
Karen S. Hwang "Legitimacy, Genealogy, and the Icon:  A Study of Mogao Cave 9, Dunhuang, of the Guiyijun period (851-1002)" E. Wang/Y. Lippit
Youn-mi Kim "Eternal Ritual in an Infinite Cosmos:  The Chaoyang North Pagoda (1043-44)" E. Wang/Y. Lippit
Kristina Renée Kleutghen "The Qianlong Emperor 's Perspective: Illusionistic Painting in Eighteenth-Century China" E. Wang/Y. Lippit
Prudence Marie Peiffer "Routine Extremism, Ad Reinhardt and Modern Art" Y.A. Bois/B. Buchloh/J. Roberts
Andrei Pop "Neopaganism: Henry Fuseli, Theatre, and the Cultural Politics of Antiquity, 1765-1825" E. Lajer-Burcharth
Jennifer A. Pruitt "Fatimid Architectural Patronage and Changing Sectarian Identities (969-1021)" G. Necipoglu/D. Roxburgh
William Cole Roskam "Civic Architecture in a Liminal City: Shanghai, 1842 – 1936" N. Levine/E.Y. Wang
Dalila Lenore Scruggs "The Love of Liberty Has Brought Us Here: the American Colonization Society and the Imaging of African-American Settlers in Liberia" S. Blier
Esen Ogus Uzun "Columnar Sarcophagi from Aphrodisias: Construction of Elite Identity in the Greek East" R. Taylor/K. Coleman
Edward H. Wouk "Raffaello fiammingo: The Graphic Work of Frans Floris de Vriendt (1519/20-1570)" H. Zerner/J. Koerner
Khadija Zinnenburg Carroll "The Resilience of Indigenous Australian Art and its Colonial Representation" T. Cummins

2000 - 2009


Chanchal Dadlani "Twilight in Delhi? Architecture and Aesthetics in the Late Mughal Empire"  D. Roxburgh/G. Necipoglu
Melissa Eppihimer  "The Visual Legacy of Akkadian Kingship" I. Winter 
Brendan Fay  "American Photography and Abstraction, 1940-1960: Minor White, Aaron Siskind and Harry Callahan"  R. Kelsey
Genevieve Hyacinthe "Traditional Rhythms and Global Remixes: Translating Form in Contemporary Mali Dance Collectives"  S.P. Blier
Wendy Ikemoto  "The Space Between: Paired Paintings in Antebellum America" J. Roberts
David Young Kim "Mobility, Geography and Style in Sixteenth-Century Art Theory and Practice" A. Payne
Megan Luke "Space for Recognition: The Late Work and Exile of Kurt Schwitters (1930-1948)"  Y.A. Bois 
Anne Nishimura Morse "The Invention of Tradition: The Uses of the Past in Buddhist Paintings from Nara during the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries" J. Rosenfield/Y. Lippit
Akiko Walley  "Constructing the ‘Dharma King’: New Religio-political Movements in the Soga Era (536-645) and the Śākyamuni Triad, Golden Hall, Hôryûji" Y. Lippit
Michelle Wang "From Dharani To Mandala: A Study Of Mogao Cave 14 and Esoteric Buddhist Art Of The Tang Dynasty (618-907)"  E. Wang


Gabriella De La Rosa "Picturing the Colonial Enlightenment: Race, Identity and Difference in French Visual Culture, 1682 – 1804" E. Lajer-Burcharth
Hallie Franks  "Hunter, Heroes, Kings: The Hunting Frieze of Tomb II at Vergina" G.F. Pinney
Cécile Fromont "Under the Sign of the Cross in the Kingdom of Kongo:  Shaping Images and Molding Faith in Early Modern Central Africa" S.P. Blier/T. Cummins
Amy Gansell "Women Of Ivory As Embodiments Of Ideal Feminine Beauty in the Ancient Near East During The First Millennium BCE" I. Winter 
Leora Maltz Leca  "William Kentridge: Process as Metaphor and other Doubtful Enterprises" E. Lajer-Burcharth
Ruth Kerkham Simbao  "Performing Patronage: The 'Traditional' Ceremonies of Zambia’s Afropolitan Chiefs" S.P. Blier


Ladan Akbarnia  "Khita'i': Cultural Memory and the Creation of a Mongol Visual Idiom in Iran and Central Asia (1256-1353)" D. Roxburgh/G. Necipoglu
J. Kirsten Ataoguz  "The Apostolic Mission of the Monks at the Monastery of Saint John in Müstair, Switzerland"  J. Hamburger
Nenita Ponce de Leon Elphick  "Memory, Presence, and Power: The Social Life of Portraits in Peru"  T. Cummins
Christopher Etheridge  "Con risolutione di mano formate: Francesco Villamena and the Art of Engraving in Counter-Reformation Rome" H. Zerner 
Danielle Joyner  "A Timely History:  Images and Texts in the Hortus Deliciarum"  J. Hamburger 
Anna Wexler Katsnelson "Red Aesop? The Visual Culture of Late Russian Avant-Garde"  Y.A. Bois 
Aden Kumler  "Visual Translation, Visible Theology: Illuminated Devotional Compendia in Late Medieval France and England" J. Hamburger 
Sandy Prita Meier  "Local Cityscapes and Transcultural Imaginaries: Competing Architectures of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Mombasa and Zanzibar"  S.P. Blier 
Elizabeth Rudy "Pierre-Paul Prud’hon (1758-1825) and the Problem of Allegory"  H. Zerner 


Diliana Angelova  "Gender and Imperial Authority in Rome and Early Byzantium, First to Sixth Centuries"  I. Kalavrezou 
Katie Kresser "Art as History, History as Art: John La Farge and the Problem of Representation, 1859-1910" J. Roberts
Issa Lampe  "Painting History Ex Patria: Empire, Exile and Memory in the Late Narrative Paintings of Jacques-Louis David"  E. Lajer-Burcharth
Meredith Martin  "Dairy Queens: Sexuality, Space, and Subjectivity in Pleasure Dairies from Catherine de' Medici to Marie-Antoinette"  E. Lajer-Burcharth


Graham Bader  "Roy Lichtenstein, Pop, and the Face of Painting in the 1960s"  Y.A. Bois 
Rachel Leah Baum  "Andy Warhol 1962-65:  The Crisis of Modernist Subjectivity in Abstraction"  N. Bryson 
Emine Fetvaci  "Viziers to Eunuchs: Transitions in Ottoman Manuscript Patronage, 1566-1617" G. Necipoglu 
Lauri Firstenberg "Against the Archive:  Toward Indeterminacy and the Internationalization of Contemporary Art"  S.P. Blier
Alison Syme  "Hedgewhores, Wagtails, Cockatrices, Whipsters:  John Singer Sargent and his Coterie of Nature’s Artful Dodgers"  E. Lajer-Burcharth
Kristina Van Dyke  "The Oral-Visual Nexus:  Rethiking Visuality in Mali" S.P. Blier 
Zeynep Yurekli  "Bektashi Architecture and the Turcoman Forces in Classical Ottoman Society" G. Necipoglu 


Persis Berlekamp  "Wonder and its Images in Medieval Islamic Culture"  G. Necipoglu 
Nancy Berliner "Yin Yu Tang, The Architecture and Daily Life of a Chinese House"  E. Lajer-Burcharth
Mark Delancey "The King and his Palace: Architecture, Movement and Secrecy in Northern Cameroon"  S.P. Blier
Anne Leonard  "Picturing Listening in the Late Nineteenth Century"  H. Zerner 
Benjamin Paul  "The Plague, Turks, and Divine Wrath: Tintoretto's Representation of the Apocalyptic Woman"  J. Hamburger 
Amy Powell "Rogier van der Weyden’s Descent from the Cross (ca. 1435)"  J. Koerner 
Elizabeth Ross  "Picturing Knowledge and Experience in the Early Printed Book: Reuwich's Illustrations for Breydenbach's Peregrinatio in Terram Sanctam (1486)"  J. Koerner 
Alice Tseng "Art in Place: The Display of Japan at the Imperial Museums, 1872-1909"  E. Wang
Alicia Walker "Beyond the Classical: Islamic Elements in Middle-Byzantine Secular Art"  I. Kalavrezou 


Mehmet-Ali Atac  "Scribal-Sacerdotal Agency in the Production of the Neo-Assyrian Palace Reliefs. Toward a Hermeneutics of Iconography"  I. Winter 
Randy Bird  "The Majesty of Architecture in Madagascar: Transforming a Kingdom in the Central Highlands, 1820-1870"  S.P. Blier
Sarah Carrig Bond "Studies of the Romanesque Sculpture of Saint-Pierre de Mozac in Auvergne: Location and Meaning"  J. Hamburger 
Kathleen Christian  "The Birth of Antiquities Collections in Rome, 1450-1530"  J. Shearman 
David Drogin  "Representations of Bentivoglio Authority: Fifteenth-Century Painting and Sculpture in the Bentivoglio Chapel, San Giacomo Maggiore, Bologna"  J. Shearman 
May Farhat  "Islamic Piety and Dynastic Legitimacy: The Case of the Shrine of Ali al-Rida in Mashhad (10th-17th Century)"  G. Necipoglu 
Ann Gilkerson "Aristocratic Chateau to Republican Villa: The Changing Construction of Rational Theory and Regional Form in the Country Houses of Viollet-le-Duc"  N. Levine 
Jordan Kantor "Jackson Pollock’s Late Paintings"  Y.A. Bois 
Amanda Luyster  "Courtly Images far from Court: The Family Saint-Floret, Representation, and Romance"  J. Hamburger 
Susan Merriam  "Icons after Iconoclasm: The Flemish Garland Picture, 1608-1700"  J. Koerner 
Noriko Murai  "Authoring the East: Okakura Kakuzo and the Representations of East Asian Art in the Early Twentieth Century"  H. Zerner 
Susan Spinale  "The Portrait Medals of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II (r. 1451-81)"  J. Shearman 


Lisa Bubloltz "Dance Scenes in Early Archaic Greek Vase-Painting"  D. Mitten 
Cynthia Hall  "Devotional Practice In Fifteenth-Century Germany: The Use of Images in the Schatzbehalter"  J. Koerner 
Stephen Pinson "Speculating Daguerre"  H. Zerner 
Francisco Prado-Vilar  "In the Shadow of the Gothic Idol: The Cantigas de Santa Maria and the Imagery of Love and Conversion"  J. Hamburger
Mercedes Trelles Hernandez  "The Contested Object: Pop art in Latin America, 1964-1974"   Y.A. Bois 
Barry Wood  "The Shahnama-i Isma’il: Art and Cultural Memory in Sixteenth Century Iran"  G. Necipoglu 


Jack Cheng  "Assyrian Music as Represented and Representations of Assyrian Music"  I. Winter 
Una Roman D'Elia "Titian’s Christian Poetics"  J. Shearman 
Robin Kelsey  "Photography in the Field: Timothy O’Sullivan and the Wheeler Survey, 1871-1874"  H. Zerner 
Christine Mehring  "To Paint and not to Paint: The Art of Blinky Palermo"  Y.A. Bois 
Bissera Pentcheva "Images and Icons of the Virgin and their Public in Middle Byzantine Constantinople"  I. Kalavrezou 
Timothy Rohan "Architecture In The Age Of Alienation: Paul Rudolph’s Postwar Academic Buildings"  N. Levine 
Lan-ying Tseng "Picturing Heaven: Image and Knowledge in Han China"  I. Winter 
Aileen Tsui  "Nothing of Substance: Aestheticism, Modernism, and Strategic Duplicity in the Paintings of James McNeill Whistler"  H. Zerner 


Aimee H.C. Bessire "Negotiating Cultural Icons: Sukuma Art, History and Colonial Encounter in Tanzania"  S.P. Blier 
Cammy Brothers "Drawing From Memory: Giuliano Da Sangallo and the Ruins of Rome"  J. Shearman 
Jill Casid "Sowing Empire: Landscape and Colonization in the Eighteenth Century"  N. Bryson 
Ahmet Ersoy  "On the Sources of the Ottoman Renaissance: Architectural Revivalism and its Discourse in E Abdulaziz Era (1861-76)"  G. Necipoglu 
Rebecca Foote  "Umayyad Markets and Manufacturing: Evidence for a Commercialized and Industrializing Economy in Early Islamic Bilad Al-Sham"  O. Grabar 
Minglu Gao  "The ‘85 Movement: Avant-Garde Art In The Post-Mao Era"  N. Bryson 
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