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Stephanie Tung headshot

Stephanie Tung, Class of ’06, appointed as Byrne Family Curator of Photography at PEM

May 17, 2022

Stephanie Tung, class of ’06, has recently been appointed as the Byrne Family Curator of Photography at the Peabody Essex Museum. The role…

“… oversees one of the nation’s oldest and largest photography collections. Formerly serving as PEM’s Assistant Curator and then Associate Curator with a focus on photography, Tung was instrumental in shepherding the 2020 acquisition of approximately 1,600 photographs by artists with ties to East Asia, a...

Read more about Stephanie Tung, Class of ’06, appointed as Byrne Family Curator of Photography at PEM
front cover of book "THE FAR LAND"

Brandon Presser, Class of '05

May 5, 2022

Since graduating, Brandon Presser, HAA Class of ’05, has worked in the Louvre, in Tokyo as an architectural apprentice, and in Thailand as a scuba diving professional. From there, he became the youngest person to join the writing team at Lonely Planet, and has since written over 50 travel publications. He has written for multiple publications including Bloomberg, Harper’s Bazaar, Conde Nast Traveler, and Town & Country.


His new book out from Hachette entitled THE FAR LAND: 200...

Read more about Brandon Presser, Class of '05
Jack Pretto headshot

Jack Alessio Pretto, Class of ’14

April 26, 2022

Jack Alessio Pretto, HAA Class of ’14, spent six years at Calvin Klein, first working on their built environments, and then as an art director. Before leaving, he art-directed the Calvin Klein Global Pride 2021 campaign where he had the privilege of working with photographers including Collier Schorr and Ryan McGinley.

This past summer, he started a new journey with the New York based womenswear company, Khaite, as their Senior Manager of Brand Marketing and Environments. “In the latter part of my role, environments, I design and develop all things in the built environment -...

Read more about Jack Alessio Pretto, Class of ’14
Poster for ISLAA exhibition "Born of Informalismo"

Michaëla de Lacaze Mohrmann, Class of '07, opens new exhibition "Born of Informalismo: Marta Minujín and the Nascent Body of Performance"

April 18, 2022

Michaëla de Lacaze Mohrmann graduated from Harvard (AB-HAA) in ’07 and went on to complete a PhD in art history from Columbia University. Her research for her dissertation, “Populist Counter-Spectacles and the Inception of Mass Media Art in Argentina,” which centers on the work of Marta Minujín, has been featured in many publications, including ArtMargins, Artforum, and ICAA Documents of Latin American and Latino Art. De Lacaze Mohrmann has completed curatorial fellowships at the Museum of Modern Art...

Read more about Michaëla de Lacaze Mohrmann, Class of '07, opens new exhibition "Born of Informalismo: Marta Minujín and the Nascent Body of Performance"
Benjamin Lopez Barba sat on orange couch with mural of Darth Vader behind him

Benjamin Lopez Barba, Class of '15

April 4, 2022

Benjamin Lopez Barba, HAA Class of ’15, is currently a Software Engineer working for The Walt Disney Company in their Digital Experiences team. “I find it to be a good mix of my creative (undergrad at Harvard) and technical (grad University of Pennsyvania) skillsets.” Prior to this, he has worked for and completed projects at Rockstar Games and PBS Kids.


Liz Walker performing ballet

Liz Walker, HAA class of '11, performs with Goethe Institut Boston and named "Artist in Residence" at Mount Auburn Cemetery

March 29, 2022

Liz Walker, HAA Class of ’11, has been performing as a soloist with the Los Angeles Ballet for seven years since graduating. She now maintains an artistic practice on the side, with performances scheduled with the Goethe Institut Boston on April 1 and 2, 2022. The work is a site-specific dance piece created in collaboration with Boston Dance Theater and the musicians of Sound Icon. Commissioned by the Goethe-Institut Boston in 2019 to coincide with the reopening of their building following extensive renovations, it draws the audience’s attention to, the obvious and understated elements...

Read more about Liz Walker, HAA class of '11, performs with Goethe Institut Boston and named "Artist in Residence" at Mount Auburn Cemetery
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Sky Araki-Russell                  AL AB20               
Maxwell Lent AL AB20  
Gavin Moulton AL AB20 Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize            
Lisa Zheng AL AB20 Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize


2010 - 2019


Isabella Beroutsos                              AL AB19                            
Tiffani Driscoll   AL AB19  
Marina Felix  AL AB19  
Spencer Glesby AL AB19  
Ingrid Goetz AL AB19  
Caroline Gutierrez  AL AB19  
Julia Reed-Betts  AL AB19  
Yael Saiger AL AB19 Matthew Abramson Prize                                     
Maia Suazo-Maler AL AB19  
Kaitlin Tse AL AB19  
Qianqian Yang AL AB19 Claire Martin Fairman Prize



Mr. Leib Celnik     AL AB18  
Mr. Jordan Donald     AL AB18  
Ms. Gretty Garcia     AL AB18  
Mr. Samuel Hagen     AL AB18  
Mr. Pierre Hirschler     AL AB18  
Ms. Saskia Keller     AL AB18  
Ms. Elizabeth Keto     AL AB18 Matthew Abramson Prize
Ms. Michelle Kim     AL AB18  
Ms. Claudia Laurie     AL AB18  
Ms. Melba Pearson     AL AB18  
Mr. Samuel Shapiro     AL AB18 Claire Martin Fairman Prize
Ms. Alana Steinberg     AL AB18  
Ms. Alice Xiao     AL AB18  



Ms. Elizabeth Ann Pate AL AB17
Mr. Connor Scott Cook AL AB17
Ms. Sarah Jane Medallis McGrath AL AB17
Ms. Yaara Yacoby AL AB17
Ms. Diana Margarita Ingerman AL AB17
Ms. Sylvie Rubin-Budick AL AB17
Mr. Colton James Peppelman AL AB17
Ms. Ritchey Farrell Howe AL AB17
Ms. Alexis M. Del Toro AL AB17
Ms. Sophia Qingyue Feng AL AB17
Ms. Reva Nohria AL AB17
Ms. Emma Josephine Frucht AL AB17
Ms. Dominique Noelle Kim AL AB17


Ms. Yuran Yin AL AB16
Mr. Jay Alexander Drummond AL AB16
Ms. Jeeyoung Anes Sung AL AB16
Mr. James Richard Thurm AL AB16
Ms. Autumne Justice Shereign Franklin AL AB16
Ms. Kathleen Christina Hanley AL AB16
Ms. Ji Ye Ha AL AB16
Ms. Whitney Tong Gao AL AB16
Mr. Jonathan Palmer Smith AL AB16
Mr. Mathew Brandon Murray AL AB16
Ms. Angie Heeyoung Jo AL AB16
Ms. Rachel Cheong AL AB16
Ms. Adela Heera Kim AL AB16
Ms. Abigail Sue Harris AL AB16
Ms. Cybele Constance Greenberg AL AB16
Ms. Courtney Racquel Smith AL AB16
Ms. Erica X. Eisen AL AB16
Ms. Ellen Grace Poile AL AB16
Ms. Isabel Coker Elson AL AB16
Mr. Robert Thomas Fitzpatrick AL AB16
Ms. Gianina Valerie Yumul AL AB16, EDM17
Ms. Jessica Taylor Reese AL AB16, JD19
Mr. John Yau Chung Wang AL AB16, MAR21


Ms. Samia Kayyali AL AB15
Ms. Molly Renfer AL AB15
Mr. Andrew Parker Gelfand AL AB15
Ms. Katherine Brown Ingersoll AL AB15
Ms. Barbara Carvalho AL AB15
Ms. Alexandra Lee McLeod Thornton AL AB15
Mr. Logan Russell Kerr AL AB15
Ms. Louise Emmanuelle Decoppet AL AB15
Mr. Samuel David McPhee Gillis AL AB15
Ms. Sarah Caitlin Rosenthal AL AB15
Ms. Jeannie Sui Wonders AL AB15
Mr. Larkin Patrick Daniel McCann AL AB15
Ms. Eleanor Westwood Wilkinson AL AB15
Mr. Evan Richard Schueckler AL AB15
Mr. Peter Edward Menz AL AB15
Ms. Stella Fiorenzoli AL AB15
Mr. Benjamin Lopez Barba AL AB15
Ms. Liesl Elizabeth Ulrich-Verderber AL AB15
Ms. Adelaide Marie Backer AL AB15
Mr. Kevin Hong AL AB15
Mr. Isaac Colin Dayno AL AB15
Ms. Susannah Lowndes Rhett Maybank AL AB15
Ms. Whitney Catherine Thornburg AL AB15
Mr. Graham Winslow Moyer AL AB15
Ms. Marina Molarsky-Beck AL AB15
Ms. Jihyun Ro AL AB15, MAR20


Mr. William James Simmons AL AB14
Ms. Elizabeth Lyons Kjorlien AL AB14
Ms. Connie M. Fu AL AB14
Ms. Alaina Rose Murphy AL AB14
Ms. Georgina Cheston Winthrop AL AB14
Ms. Honor Rebecca Wilkinson AL AB14
Ms. Jane Evangeline Amero AL AB14
Ms. Camille Zumwalt Coppola AL AB14
Mr. John Alessio Pretto, Jr. AL AB14
Ms. Eloise La Follette Horn AL AB14
Ms. Paige Catherine Newell AL AB14
Ms. Heather Dawn Mauldin AL AB14
Ms. Nathalie Ruth Miraval AL AB14
Ms. Sabrina Linda Hahn AL AB14
Mr. Gokcan Demirkazik AL AB14
Ms. Sarah Ann Reilly AL AB14
Ms. Micere Johnson AL AB14
Mr. Caspar W. F. Jopling AL AB14
Ms. Alisha Stuart Patel AL AB14
Ms. Kerry Qu AL AB14


Ms. Elizabeth Bronshteyn AL AB13
Ms. Alejandra Cornelia Dean AL AB13
Ms. Hilary Anne Hayssen AL AB13
Ms. Paula Isabel Ibieta AL AB13
Ms. Kristina Frances Latino AL AB13
Ms. Mariam Enitan Braimah AL AB13
Ms. Lora Dimitrova Stoianova AL AB13
Mr. Mark Eric Warren AL AB13
Ms. Katherine Mary Olaskiewicz AL AB13
Ms. Ariana Elvira Baurley AL AB13
Mr. Alan Makoto Toda-Ambaras AL AB13
Mr. Michael Isaac Pena AL AB13
Ms. Isabella Rose Heredia Roden AL AB13
Ms. Megan Elizabeth Corcoran AL AB13
Ms. Madelynne Ann Hays AL AB13
Ms. Sarah Matkin Ngo AL AB13
Mr. Francesco Buccella AL AB13
Ms. Bethina Liu AL AB13
Ms. Kelly Ka Wai Lam AL AB13
Ms. Isabel Strauss AL AB13, MAR20
Ms. Kristie Tuong La AL AB13, PHD23


Ms. Susannah Fadiman Colt AL AB12
Mr. Colby Andrew Krantz AL AB12
Ms. Anne Katherine Sawyier AL AB12
Ms. Danielle Jillian Parga AL AB12
Ms. Mo Eun Cha AL AB12
Ms. Vicky Y. L. Ge AL AB12
Ms. Camila Margarita Sainz de la Pena AL AB12
Mr. Kevin Michael Vaughan AL AB12
Ms. Camille Krystyna Jania AL AB12
Ms. Andrea Isabel Moreno AL AB12
Mr. Phillip Yanhua Zhang AL AB12
Ms. Lauren Nicole Medina AL AB12
Ms. Regina Maria Escamilla AL AB12
Mr. Dennis Jialin Zheng AL AB12
Ms. Shannon Elizabeth Mulshine AL AB12
Ms. Kristen Lee Cronon AL AB12
Ms. Emily Xiao Lian Xie AL AB12
Ms. Lucy Kreamer Andersen AL AB12
Ms. Monica W. Zhou AL AB12, GSD19
Ms. Carly Linda Dickson AL AB12, MAR17


Ms. Elizabeth Claire Walker AL AB11
Mr. Owen Vincent Curtis AL AB11
Miss Margaret Amelia Muller AL AB11
Mr. Kyle John Dancewicz AL AB11
Mr. Justin Andrew Davidson AL AB11
Ms. Kacie Morgan Rounds AL AB11
Ms. Alexandra Perloff-Giles AL AB11
Ms. Jade Rhiann Randle AL AB11
Ms. Kelly Elizabeth Perron AL AB11
Ms. Elizabeth Roe Maybank AL AB11
Ms. Madeleine Elisabeth Raffel AL AB11
Ms. Romina Eve Tortoriello AL AB11
Ms. Nancy Pai Suan Lin AL AB11
Mr. Jeffrey Jinsoo Lee AL AB11
Ms. Sonia Cristina Coman AL AB11
Ms. Tierney Hokuonu'uanu Aya Morikawa AL AB11
Ms. Jennifer Tiaoting Chen AL AB11
Ms. Minji Kim AL AB11
Ms. Gabriela Santiago AL AB11
Ms. Davida Fernandez-Barkan AL AB11, AM17, PHD21
Ms. Gabrielle Melanie Domb AL AB11, GSA18
Mr. Matthew Hill Coogan AL AB11, JD19, MUP19
Ms. Anna Raginskaya AL AB11, MBA16(A)
Mr. Andrew Frank Cone AL AB11, MBA17(F)
Ms. Katherine Anne Mills AL AB11, PHD22
Ms. Mary Catherine Potter AL AB11


Mr. Richard Francis Taylor AL AB10
Ms. Krysten Alysandre Keches AL AB10
Ms. Amanda Nicole Bridges AL AB10
Ms. Hannah Sarina Yohalem AL AB10
Ms. Alissa Elias Schapiro AL AB10
Ms. Claire-Marie Dunbar Murphy AL AB10
Ms. Alexandra Kay Kuschner AL AB10
Ms. Caitlin Marie Kennedy Marquis AL AB10
Ms. Lee Ann Williams Custer AL AB10
Ms. Susie An AL AB10
Ms. Alicia Courtney Beyer AL AB10
Ms. Christa Marie Hartsock AL AB10
Mr. Roger Christian Batt AL AB10
Ms. Kathryn Leigh Blackstock AL AB10, MAR15
Ms. Alison Elizabeth Occhialini AL AB10, MBA15(D)

2000 - 2009


Mr. Lucas R. Toffoli AL AB09
Ms. Jane K. Cheng AL AB09
Mr. Noah S. Bloom AL AB09
Ms. Philippa G. Eccles AL AB09
Mr. Ainsley S. Davey AL AB09
Ms. Nicole J. Bass AL AB09
Ms. Megan C. Dempsey AL AB09
Ms. Tyler M. Press AL AB09
Ms. Gretchen M. Krueger AL AB09
Ms. Emily A. Cregg AL AB09
Ms. Paola Duguet AL AB09
Ms. Elizabeth S. Hawley AL AB09
Ms. Elena C. Damaskos AL AB09
Ms. Samantha G. Barnard AL AB09
Ms. Sarah E. Gefter AL AB09
Ms. Maria K. Larsson AL AB09
Ms. Mandy Christine Gray AL AB09
Mr. Olujimi Akili Tommasino AL AB09, AM12, GSA16
Ms. Julia E. Schlozman AL AB09, JD13(1)
Ms. LeeAnn L. Suen AL AB09, MAR17
Mrs. Kara Culligan O'Brien AL AB09, MBA13(J)
Ms. Nicola C. Perlman AL AB09, MD18


Ms. Lucy H. Clark AL AB08
Ms. Cindy Danita Ewing AL AB08
Ms. Stephanie O'Rourke AL AB08
Ms. Emily Washkowitz Tarkan AL AB08
Ms. Sarah E. Molinoff AL AB08
Ms. Marissa M. Anto AL AB08
Ms. Louise A. Booth AL AB08
Mr. Stefan A. Zebrowski-Rubin AL AB08
Ms. Kathleen C. Donelan AL AB08
Mr. Kerian E. Robertson AL AB08
Ms. Kimberly M. Castelo AL AB08
Ms. Jessica Xing Yun Rothenberg AL AB08
Dr. Adam Michal Jasienski AL AB08, AM11, PHD16
Ms. Susannah P. Wilson AB08, MBA13(B)


Ms. Carolyn A. Quirk AL AB07
Ms. Candace C. Keefe AL AB07
Ms. Christiana B. Lackner AL AB07
Ms. Audrey Duboc Chastain-Chapman AL AB07
Ms. Caroline L. Schopp AL AB07
Mr. James S. Treadway AL AB07
Mr. Paolo J. Yap AL AB07
Ms. Kristen D. O'Neill AL AB07
Ms. Katherine W. Johnson AL AB07
Ms. Michaela N. de Lacaze AL AB07
Mr. Benjamin M. Sack AL AB07
Ms. Jordan C. Walker AL AB07
Ms. Anna E. Fogel AL AB07
Mr. Jonathan B. Reed AL AB07
Ms. Rebecca B. Fleming AL AB07
Ms. Jamie B. Sodikoff AL AB07
Mr. Steve S. Rivera AL AB07
Ms. Halsey Meyer Schroeder AL AB07, MBA11(A)


Ms. Mary Kathleen Eagle AL AB06
Ms. Angela Y. Wu AL AB06
Ms. Jennifer P. McDavitt AL AB06
Ms. Lily A. Foster AL AB06
Mr. Thomas C. Gilmore AL AB06
Mr. Lewis A. Remele III AL AB06
Mr. Christopher W. Platts AL AB06
Mrs. Allison S. Farkes AL AB06
Mr. Julian M. Rose AL AB06
Tania Llort Stewart AL AB06
Ms. Sara M. Niemi AL AB06
Ms. Elizabeth A. Carlson AL AB06
Mr. Dustin C. Alligood AL AB06
Ms. Sungmi Choi AL AB06
Ms. Ashley R. Hobbs AL AB06
Ms. Lindsey E. Gary AL AB06
Ms. Allison L. Fast AL AB06
Mr. Alexander Browning Lemann AL AB06
Mr. Michael Q. Christensen AL AB06, MBA11(C), DBA20, GSAVF16
Dr. Maggie Meng Cao AL AB06, PHD14


Ms. Jelena M. Kristic AL AB05
Mrs. Lauren Jacks Gamble AL AB05
Ms. Gerby Marks AL AB05
Miss Katherine Allidah Muller AL AB05
Ms. Nelly Abravanel AL AB05
Mr. Benjamin A. Maas AL AB05
Ms. Maria D. Ceballos AL AB05
Mrs. Lindsey Wilkins Press AL AB05
Dr. Vivian Vlasta Kaufman Click AL AB05
Mr. Nathaniel F. Rogers AL AB05
Mr. James M. Weichert Jr. AL AB05
Ms. Stephanie Hatch Leishman AL AB05
Dr. Ann B. Dell'Aria AL AB05
Ms. Anna L. Dickerman AL AB05
Ms. Ellen J. Mulvanny AL AB05
Ms. Julia C. Chan AL AB05
Mr. Brandon C. Presser AL AB05
Ms. Sarah R. Lehrer-Graiwer AL AB05
Dr. Tina Rivers Ryan AL AB05
Ms. Crystal E. Winston AL AB05, MUP09


Mr. Jesse R. Andrews AL AB04
Mr. Desmond S. FitzGerald AL AB04
Mr. James L. McKenna AL AB04
Ms. Carolyn K. Horst AL AB04
Mr. Joseph F. Keefe AL AB04
Ms. Caroline Luis AL AB04
Mr. Ryan Kuo AL AB04
Mrs. Emily Caplan Reed AL AB04
Miss Jennifer E. Joseph AL AB04
Dr. Rebecca Keegan VanDiver AL AB04
Ms. Alice G. Engel AL AB04
Ms. Genevieve A. Cadwalader AL AB04
Ms. Natalia Heather Naish AL AB04
Ms. Michelle T. Young AL AB04
Ms. Anne E. Patrone AL AB04
Ms. Jennifer A. Brooks AL AB04
Mr. Seth M. Clark AL AB04
Ms. Hanna A. Murauskaya AL AB04
Ms. Elizabeth A. Garcia AL AB04
Ms. Megan Elizabeth McPherson Low AL AB04
Ms. Ana M. Meier AL AB04
Ms. Erin F. Dillard AL AB04, EDM08, MBA11(I)
Ms. Christina M. Henderson AL AB04, JD09(4)
Mr. Stephen Yat Ming Fan AL AB04, MAR12
Dr. Melissa Ming-Hwei Lo AL AB04, PHD14


Ms. Seung-Min Lee AL AB03
Ms. Melia I. Marden AL AB03
Ms. Kara A. Lyons AL AB03
Ms. Sarah E. Connolly AL AB03
Ms. Miranda I. Lash AL AB03
Ms. Rachael O'Beirne Masterson AL AB03
Ms. Kate D. Nesin AL AB03
Ms. Susan Michelle Logan AL AB03
Ms. Melissa LaScaleia AL AB03
Mr. Nicholas B. Garrison AL AB03
Mr. Jack E. Caughran II AL AB03
Ms. Jessica R. Hertz AL AB03
Ms. Kristin E. Kitchen AL AB03
Ms. Ruth L. Koster AL AB03
Ms. Alex D. Cooley AL AB03
Ms. Molly K. Dorkin AL AB03
Dr. Jessica Lucy Berenbeim AL AB03, AM07, PHD12
Mr. Jeffries L. Oliver-Li AL AB03, JD06(1)
Ms. Kathleen A. Eagan AL AB03, JD09(7)


Ms. Heather A. Rigby AL AB02
Mr. Joshua S. Dienstag AL AB02
Ms. Louisa K. Brown AL AB02
Ms. Bobbye J. Tigerman AL AB02
Ms. Norah Marie M. Solorzano AL AB02
Ms. Rebecca E. Bienstock AL AB02
Dr. Risha Kim Lee AL AB02
Ms. Molly T. MacKean AL AB02
Ms. Anna Elizabeth Lakovitch Newsome AL AB02
Ms. Dorothy Johnson Lidsky AL AB02
Mr. Raymond M. Hainer II AL AB02
Ms. Elizabeth B. Frisbie AL AB02
Ms. Eleanor G. Brennan-Hall AL AB02, EDM06
Ms. Tracey Jiae Tae AL AB02, JD07(5)
Ms. Alana Elizabeth Murphy AL AB02, MBA10(H)


Ms. Kristin Hennings Solomon AL AB01
Mrs. Johanna C. Javadizadeh AL AB01
Ms. Arianna Packard Martell AL AB01
Ms. Sirichand K. Khalsa AL AB01
Ms. Alexandra L. Fazio AL AB01
Mr. Christopher D. Barber AL AB01
Ms. Virginia Manning Brown Yinger AL AB01
Mr. Timothy B. Stay AL AB01
Ms. Tatiana Gonzalez AL AB01
Mr. Linas M. Alsenas AL AB01
Ms. Anna K. Piotrowska AL AB01
Ms. Jennifer Tarr Coyne AL AB01
Ms. Jessica York See Yin AL AB01, MAR06
Ms. Kirstin Butler AL AB01, MPP05
Mrs. Fiona Anne Benenson AL AB01


Ms. Jessamyn A. Conrad  AL AB00
Ms. Elizabeth Raizes Sadeghi AL AB00
Mrs. Stephanie Ellis Radtke AL AB00
Ms. Hannah I. Blumenthal AL AB00
Mr. Matthew T. Kishlansky AL AB00
Mr. Nathaniel W. Bullard AL AB00
Mrs. Susan Machorek Hardin AL AB00
Dr. Joseph W. Henderson IV AL AB00
Ms. Deirdre A. O'Dwyer AL AB00
Miss Amy D. Gelsone AL AB00
Ms. Sarah Winkeller Mathew AL AB00
Mrs. Virginia Fuller Kely AL AB00
Mr. Robert E. Schlesinger AL AB00
Mrs. Anne E. Gossen AL AB00
Ms. Jocelyn L. Chua AL AB00
Ms. Alexandra Cosima Budabin AL AB00
Ms. Lemma Jarudi AL AB00, EDM01
Dr. Laura L. Tarter AL AB00, MD05(CA)

1990 - 1999


Mr. Alexander I. Bortolot AL AB99
Mr. Ryan A. Riess AL AB99
Ms. Laura Zukerman Stone AL AB99
Mrs. Amy M Ryan AL AB99
Ms. Chelsea H. Foxwell AL AB99
Ms. Courtney T. Tanenbaum AL AB99
Ms. Roxanne D. Lanzot AL AB99
Ms. Isabel Margulies AL AB99
Mrs. Shivani Thammineni AL AB99
Ms. Irene K. Cervantes AL AB99
Ms. Ada S. Polla AL AB99
Mr. Scott Rothkopf AL AB99, AM03, GSA10
Ms. Ruth S. Noyes AL AB99, GSE00


Ms. India L. Leval AL AB98
Benjamin J. Lima AL AB98
Ms. Carolyn A. Bane AL AB98
Ms. Augusta Morgan Ridley AL AB98
Mr. Joshua S. Shirkey AL AB98
Mrs. Corey B. Williams AL AB98
Ms. Alexis M. Goodman AL AB98
Mr. Ethan W. Stead AL AB98
Ms. Alena Williams AL AB98
Ms. Nancy L. Wu AL AB98
Ms. Katherine M. Raspet AL AB98
Mr. Guy V. Cimbalo AL AB98
Ms. Alexis Brooke Redding AL AB98, EDM10, EDD18
Ms. Lisa Ann Halliday AL AB98, PC98


Ms. Jean Chen AL AB97
Mr. David S. Kennedy AL AB97
Ms. Elizabeth A. Flanagan AL AB97
Dr. Elana M. Oberstein AL AB97
Ms. Lucy R. Bisognano AL AB97
Ms. Deborah D. Pasachoff AL AB97
Ms. Allison L. Unruh AL AB97
Mr. Timothy S. Perlstein AL AB97
Ms. Stephanie Miller AL AB97
Ms. Elisabeth L. Barro AL AB97
Ms. Mary Ladd AL AB97
Lord James E. H. Russell AL AB97
Ms. Ker-Shing Ong AL AB97, MAR02, MLA02
Mrs. Kathryn Pickett Davis AL AB97, MBA03(B)
Dr. Joan J. Ryoo AL AB97, MD04(CS)


Mrs. Tara Reddy Young AL AB96
Ms. Elizabeth H. Alderman AL AB96
Ms. Victoria C. Stevens AL AB96
Ms. Rachel A. Siegel AL AB96
Mr. Erik R. Brockett AL AB96
Ms. Marta Rachel Weiss AL AB96
Mrs. Alison J. Park Douglas AL AB96
Mrs. Amy Langston Mackin AL AB96
Dr. Mia Reinoso Genoni AL AB96
Ms. Jane E. Yoo AL AB96
Ms. Julia Hunter Cavanaugh AL AB96, EDM01
Ms. Natalie A. Landreth AL AB96, JD01(2)


Ms. Laura Elaine Wingard AL AB95
Ms. Karen E. Todd AL AB95
Mrs. Amanda Hennigan Mansour AL AB95
Ms. Myrza R. Perez AL AB95
Mr. Brian J. Hunt AL AB95
Mr. Michael A. Stone AL AB95
Mrs. Melissa Ceria AL AB95
Elizabeth Owens Fagan M.D. AL AB95
Ms. Charis Clift Jones AL AB95
Mrs. Elizabeth B. E. Welch AL AB95
Ms. Alexandra T. Polites AL AB95
Mr. George L. Duffield AL AB95
Mr. Mark R. Roybal AL AB95
Ms. Catherine Zuromskis AL AB95
Mr. Daniel B. Lee AL AB95, MBA00(B)
Ms. Jennifer L. Bloom AL AB95, MBA01(J)
Dr. Jessica Levin Martinez AL AB95, PHD04


Mr. David L. McMahon AL AB94
Heather Noel Gibbons-Doig M.D. AL AB94
Ms. Shehime Arshad AL AB94
Mr. Brian D. Ramer AL AB94
Ms. Meredith M. Thomson AL AB94
Ms. Stacy M. Mendez AL AB94
Mrs. Sarah D. Nelson AL AB94
Ms. Alexandra H. Picard AL AB94
Dr. Jeffrianne Susan Young AL AB94
Ms. Jasmine Montgomery AL AB94
Dr. Allison A. Hill-Edgar AL AB94
Ms. Shyama Patel AL AB94
Mary K. Daly, MD AL AB94
Ms. Joanna Dreifus AL AB94
Ms. Aren R. Cohen AL AB94
Ms. Sarah E. Kurtin AL AB94
Ms. Alexandra K. Schwartz AL AB94
Ms. Margo E. Crespin AL AB94
Ms. Margaret Holliday Gleason AL AB94
Ms. Caitlin Dowe-Sandes AL AB94
Mr. Anton M. Anikst AL AB94
Mr. S. Zachary Lee AL AB94
Ms. Nina Fiore-Bogdanov AL AB94, EDM03


Mr. W. Charles Braun AL AB93
Adam J.B. Lane AL AB93
Ms. Christie E. Peale AL AB93
Ms. Judith F. Dolkart AL AB93
Mr. Alexis P. Zoullas AL AB93
Ms. Lourdes C. Hernandez-Venegas AL AB93
Ms. Elizabeth K. MacDonald AL AB93
Ms. Catherine A. Gellert AL AB93
Dr. Dominique Padurano AL AB93
Ms. Jennifer Rubell AL AB93
Ms. Kerry A. Voss AL AB93
Mrs. Paula R. Hornbostel AL AB93
Ms. Lisa J. Gordon AL AB93
Ms. Senta L. Wong AL AB93
Mr. Adam J. Abrons AL AB93
D. Bradley Bobbitt M.D. AL AB93
Mrs. Gloria Alvarez Fazzolari AL AB93
Ms. Lisa Ceglia AL AB93
Mrs. Alexandra Ames Lawrence AL AB93
Mrs. Vanessa L. Walker-Oakes AL AB93, GSASP94
Dr. Mark Nicholas Hoffman AL AB93, MBA00(H), GSA11, GSA95
Ms. Suzanna Petren Moritz AL AB93, MBA01(G)


Ms. Melissa A. Yadao AL AB92
Mr. Brook B. Taube AL AB92
Dr. Cecily A. Field AL AB92
Ms. Laura E. Steward AL AB92
Ms. Leonore A. Dluhy AL AB92
Mr. Lloyd E. Lee AL AB92
Mrs. Elizabeth Elsas Mandel AL AB92
Mrs. Elizabeth Hansen Canning AL AB92
Mr. Lewis Cameron Kitchin AL AB92
Mr. John A. Rubin AL AB92
Mrs. Catherine Marcus Rose AL AB92
Mr. Frank M. Habit AL AB92
Ms. Catherine A. Lawrence AL AB92
Ms. Elizabeth A. Skates AL AB92
Mr. J. Fife Symington IV AL AB92
Mr. Matthew C. Lee AL AB92
Ms. Julie Cotler Pottinger AL AB92
Mr. John L. Petricola AL AB92
Mr. Robert H. Lloyd AL AB92
Ms. Ellen Margaret McBreen AL AB92
Ms. Anca M. Achim AL AB92
Ms. Frances Z. Yuan AL AB92
Ms. Yumi M. Moriwaki AL AB92, GSD98
The Rev. John H. Finley IV AL AB92, HDS98
Mr. David T. Ling AL AB92, JD97(3)


Ms. Anne H. Koerckel AL AB91
Ms. Elena M. Brokaw AL AB91
Ms. Evgenia Scriven Peretz AL AB91
Ms. Gretchen S. Peters AL AB91
Mr. David A. Inniss AL AB91
Dr. Douglas R. Ewing AL AB91
Ms. Jeanine Shizue Ogawa AL AB91
Ms. Christina T. Kiely AL AB91
Ms. Jennifer DeVore AL AB91
Emma J. Laskin M.D. AL AB91
Mrs. Anne M. van Dijkum Garfinkel AL AB91
Mr. Adam P. Neaman AL AB91
Mrs. Allison Held AL AB91
Ms. Megan Wells Holbrook AL AB91
Ms. Jennifer C. Bernstein AL AB91
Ms. Anna L. Haley AL AB91
Dr. Katherine R. Gould AL AB91
Mr. Christopher J. Rezendes AL AB91
Dr. Jessica Todd Smith AL AB91
Ms. Molly E. Aitken-Zaidi AL AB91
Mr. Richard T. Neer AL AB91
Ms. Mary Elisabeth Voss AL AB91
Mrs. Stephanie Clement Calman AL AB91
Ms. Cynthia D. Kim AL AB91
Ms. Helen M. Edmonds AL AB91, GSE92
Ms. Madeline E. McIntosh AL AB91, PC92
Dr. Cammy Brothers AL AB91, PHD99


Margaret Fahys Stefanoni AL AB90
Ms. Angela D. Williams AL AB90
Dr. Sean P. D. G. O'Harrow AL AB90
Ms. Rebecca A. Lawton Flatters AL AB90
Ms. Amanda S. Adams AL AB90
Caroline M. Corbin AL AB90
Anabelle Adler Avery AL AB90
Mr. Mark S. Gainey AL AB90
Dr. Katrin E. Morgen AL AB90
Prof. David L. Hays AL AB90
Mr. Gabriel Romo AL AB90
Ms. Aleen N. Keshishian AL AB90
Mrs. Joanna S. Gilman AL AB90
Mr. Donald C. Carleton Jr. AL AB90
Mrs. Christina P. Volkwein AL AB90
Mr. Jonathan M. Bernheimer AL AB90
Ms. Barbara Garza AL AB90
Ms. Erika Dilday AL AB90
Ms. Diana Cheren Nygren AL AB90
Mr. Frederick Vogel IV AL AB90
Elizabeth A. Fleming, PhD AL AB90
Ms. Allison Fairchild Peter AL AB90
Mrs. Katharine F. Chapman AL AB90
Ms. Vanessa S. Chase AL AB90
Ms. Laurie A. Ciardi AL AB90
Ms. Sarah Brooks Alcorn AL AB90
Ms. Anne Bridges AL AB90
Ms. Elizabeth A. Harney AL AB90
Ms. Jill H. Berg AL AB90, EDD07

1980 - 1989


Ms. Susan Spalding Boranian AL AB89
Ms. Steuart Osha AL AB89
Mr. Jason H. Bouldin AL AB89
Ms. Stacy Cohen AL AB89
Mrs. Arianna C. Fioratti Loreto AL AB89
Gayle Daley Lang AL AB89
Ms. Mia T. Von Sadovszky AL AB89
Mr. Adam M. Weiss AL AB89
Ms. Nina Paige Mercer AL AB89
Ms. Susannah Wise AL AB89
Ms. Sonia M. Attkiss AL AB89
Ms. Charlotte L. Brownlee AL AB89
Ms. Leanora A. Saslav AL AB89
Ms. Katherine Lanier AL AB89
Ms. Alexandra Linden Miller Keller AL AB89
Mrs. Amanda S. Brainerd AL AB89
Catherine Ann Green, Esq. AL AB89
Ms. Theresa B. Schwartzman AL AB89
Ms. Julie Anne Krause AL AB89
Ms. Kate E. Hobsbawm AL AB89
Ms. Elizabeth Gaede Seaton AL AB89
Ms. Elizabeth W. Clark AL AB89, GSASP90
Mr. Scott A. Nathan AL AB89, JD94, MBA94(G)  
Hadine Joffe M.D. AL AB89, SM02


Mr. Kevin C. Costin AL AB88
Elizabeth Barash Murphy AL AB88
Mr. Joel T. Mendelman AL AB88
Ms. Carol M. Losos AL AB88
Ms. Evelyn S. Miller AL AB88
Dr. Steven Joffe AL AB88
Ms. Martina S. Barash AL AB88
Roger de Montebello AL AB88
Ms. Christina J. Limberakis AL AB88
Ms. Sharon J. Liebowitz AL AB88
Mrs. Blakely Rogers Stinebaugh AL AB88
Ms. Belen Moneo Feduchi AL AB88
Mr. Jonathan P. Derow AL AB88
Ms. Carolyn A. Greis AL AB88
Ms. Jennifer E. Toomey AL AB88
Ms. Sarah Hudson Bayliss AL AB88
Ms. Indira A. Lakshmanan AL AB88, NF04
Ms. Katherine E. von Stackelberg AL AB88, SM98, SD06



Ms. Alissa Hirshfeld Flores AL AB87
Mrs. Abigail  Hirschhorn Beroutsos AL AB87
Ms. Jennifer Mackay Pyle AL AB87
Mr. William Helman Berkman   AL AB87
Ms. Julie Anne Won AL AB87
Mr. James Davis Solomon AL AB87
Mr. David Michael Walley Jr. AL AB87
Andrea Nicole Maier AL AB87
Ms. Linda Susan Lourie AL AB87
Dr. Diana Susan Hurwitz AL AB87
Ms. Victoria Sanger AL AB87
Mr. Paul Hilliard Arnett AL AB87
Mrs. Ann M. Witherspoon AL AB87
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Lees AL AB87
Mr. Christopher Leo Stefanoni AL AB87, MBA93(E)
Ms. Robin L. Alper AL AB87, MBA94(C)