G4+ Progress Reports

Advanced Student (G4+) Annual Progress Reports – due each year December 15

The one-page G4+ annual progress report should be submitted each year.

    • Student's full name.
    • Current G-year.
    • Current address and phone number.
    • Advisor's name.
    • Dissertation committee members (and university affiliation if outside Harvard).
    • Working dissertation title.
    • Dissertation research/writing completed during current academic year.
    • Number of proposed dissertation chapters.
    • Dissertation chapters completed during current year.
    • Total number of dissertation chapters completed.
    • Funding received (if any); also include non-academic awards/honors.
    • Teaching responsibilities (current academic year).
    • Other employment (current academic year).
    • Papers written/published (current academic year).
    • Conference presentations (current academic year).
    • Goals for next academic year.
    • Expected completion date.
    • Students are encouraged to submit a dissertation outline (if available) and current CV with the report.