Letters of Recommendation


The Faculty in the Department of History of Art and Architecture has decided to adopt and implement a consistent practice in preparing letters of recommendation for graduate Pre-doctoral and Postdoctoral fellowship competitions as well as internships and jobs. If you wish a faculty member to write letters for you, please send that person as soon as possible a list of all of the fellowships to which you will apply or seek departmental nomination. These may be divided into the Fall and Spring semesters of the given academic year. While some job and internship opportunities may come up unexpectedly, please follow these instructions to the fullest extent possible.

N.B. If the relevant faculty member is on leave, be sure to provide extra lead time.

Two weeks before your first letter is due, email all faculty from whom you would like to request a letter with "letter request" in the subject line.

Your email should include the following materials:

A master list of all of the fellowships/internships/jobs to which you are applying. Arrange this list by due date for the letters—with the earliest first—indicating whether each date is a postmark date or receipt date. Include the full address to which each letter needs to be sent (in most cases this will be a URL or email address), and whether your letter writer will receive an email from a letter service with instructions and link. If you need to add or subtract items from this list, send an updated full version.

For each application, provide a copy of the proposal, cover letter, and supporting writing samples that you will submit. There is no need to supply a transcript.

Copies of papers that you have written in your recommender’s courses or any other academic writing that you believe to be relevant to your application.List the name of the person or committee to whom this should be addressed.