“Horizontal Together: Art, Dance, and Queer Embodiment in 1960s New York”, new publication by Paisid Aramphongpha

September 17, 2021
"Horizontal Together" book cover

Congratulations to HAA alum, Paisid Aramphongphan (PhD 2015), on the publication of his first book, “Horizontal Together: Art, Dance, and Queer Embodiment in 1960s New York” (Manchester University Press, 2021).


"Horizontal Together tells the story of 1960s art and queer culture in New York through the overlapping circles of Andy Warhol, underground filmmaker Jack Smith and experimental dance star Fred Herko. Taking a pioneering approach to this intersecting cultural millieu, the book uses a unique methodology that draws on queer theory, dance studies and the analysis of movement, deportment and gesture to look anew at familiar artists and artworks, but also to bring to light queer artistic figures’ key cultural contributions to the 1960s New York art world.

Illustrated with rarely published images and written in clear and fluid prose, Horizontal Together will appeal to specialists and general readers interested in the study of modern and contemporary art, dance, and queer history."


"Horizontal Together" book cover