Congratulations to 2021 PhD recipients

June 3, 2021
Commencement at Harvard

The Department of History of Art and Architecture extends heartfelt congratulations to our graduate students who received PhD degrees during 2020 - 2021:

  • Trenton Barnes - Emptiness and the Production of Bodies in the Architecture of Teotihuacan, Mexico
  • Juliette Calvarin - Ornamenta Sacerdotum: Marian Chasubles for Priestly Bodies in Pre-Hussite Prague
  • Sonali Dhingra - Cult and Colossus: Buddhist Sculpture from Odisha in History and Memory (ca. eighth to twelfth centuries)
  • Samuel Ewing - Instructive Documents: The San Diego Group and Radical Pedagogy in the Long 1970s
  • Ruth Ezra - Veit Stoss in Relief: the practitioner’s view
  • Sarah Grandin - To Scale: Manufacturing Grandeur in the Age of Louis XIV
  • Bronwen Gulkis - The Aesthetics of Memory: Mughal Albums Under Shahjahan (r. 1628-58) and Their Afterlives.
  • Nicole Pulichene - “One Whose Name was Writ in Wax:” Reflections on the Medieval Reuse of Consular Diptychs
  • Harmon Siegel - Monet and Other People
  • Taylor Walsh - Medium at the Margins: Bruce Nauman at the End of the Sixties