On the cover of The Boston Globe - "This is Sarah Lewis. You should know who she is"

April 25, 2019

Pushing back against erasure and misrepresentation is rooted in her family tree.

As a student in 1926, her grandfather was expelled from a Brooklyn high school for asking where black people were in the textbooks. He never returned to school. He became an artist and a jazz musician, painting the world he wanted to see in those books, making the music of our people.

“I never understood that he was really asking the question that here, two generations later at Harvard, I’m asking,” Lewis says. “What’s the role of visuality for determining who counts and who belongs in society? So my name is Sarah Elizabeth Lewis, but it’s meant to honor my grandfather, Shadrach Emmanuel Lee. He’s the North Star for my work.”

Lewis, for many of us, is a shining star burning bright in the growing constellation of black excellence. And the “Vision & Justice” convening is her ultralight beam.

Two days and dozens of our brightest thinkers and creators exploring identity, justice, and art?

May they ignite a path of righteous representation for generations to come.


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