G3 Presentations

G3 Presentation Format

All third-year students in residence are expected to present to their peers and the faculty a short (20-minute) presentation on the research project that they hope will form the basis of their dissertation.  These presentations will be scheduled across two or three sessions in October, with four or five students presenting per session.  We hope that students will use this opportunity to support their contemporaneous efforts on the fellowship application front.

The purpose of this presentation is three-fold:

 i) to make yourself and your project known to, and obtain feedback from, faculty—including but also beyond those with whom you have studied and/or will have as advisers)—before you go out into the field to undertake the major portion of your research;

ii) to obtain practice in making a short, effective summary of your work-in-progress, comparable to what you might need to produce for a fellowship application or interview;

iii) to familiarize yourself with the projects being undertaken by your peers so as to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information.

The following guidelines may be helpful:

    • 20-minute limit.
    • Cut right to the chase: no preambles necessary!
    • Frame your topic: what is your tentative thesis?
    • What makes your research a significant addition or essential complement to existing scholarship on the subject?
    • What larger issues does your topic exemplify? I.e., why might someone outside your field want to read your thesis?

The room will be made available for practice runs in the weeks prior.