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Academic Calendar

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Library Access

After two years of residence, students count as University alumni and can receive library privileges even when out of residence.

Widener Library defines alumni as those who have finished two terms of work at any of the constituent schools or faculties. Alumni are eligible for a Widener Stacks Access Card without fee, which will permit them to borrow six Widener Library books without payment per year (even if only paying an active file fee).

For more information on the Special Borrower Card, visit the Harvard College Library website.

Applications for either card should be made in person at the Library Privileges Office, Widener Library, Room 130 (phone: 617-495-4166).

Course Management and Classrooms

Information for Faculty Offering Instruction in the Arts and Sciences

Courses of Instruction: The course catalog, for FAS courses of instruction is an on-line database, accessed either through my.harvard, or via the public University Catalog.

Classrooms: The FAS Office of the Registrar publishes classroom assignments online at the beginning of each term.

Academic Technology Group (ATG): The Academic Technology Group provides support for course websites, which are linked to the online FAS Courses of Instruction. For further information, please see the ATG website.

Media & Technology Services for your Courses: For general FAS classrooms, including Sackler classrooms, please contact the Media & Technology Services (MTS) main office at 617.495.9460 or at  For course located Sever Hall classrooms, please contact the MTS Sever Hall office at 617.495.9470 or

Housing Resources

Harvard Housing Office: In order to make use of the Harvard University Affiliated Housing, visitors must have specific affiliation requirements with the University. For information about the resources of the Harvard Housing Office AND to see if you meet the affiliation requirements, please see the website of the Harvard Housing Office. 

Faculty Real Estate Services Sabbatical Listings

The Harvard International Office

Arts & Humanities Administrative Services

AHAS Group: If you are an assistant, associate, full professor, or professor-of-the-practice, the Arts & Humanities Administrative Services (AHAS) Group provide the following services: photocopying, library courier, letters of reference support, package service, and document shredding. 

Mail Services: Faculty and staff have been assigned individual mailboxes in the HAA 3rd floor mailroom. Since we sort and distribute mail for all the faculty and staff in the Department, graduate students and visitors are asked to please limit their use of the department mailboxes to university matters and other academic related mail. Incoming U.S. Mail arrives in the afternoon and is distributed to mailboxes shortly thereafter.

Payroll and Financial: A social security card is necessary for employment. How to obtain a social security card. Once you have obtained the card, please bring a photocopy of the card to the HAA Department Administrator. This is necessary to put your appointment fully into the system. Application should be made as soon as possible after arrival because the process takes 4-6 weeks.

Nearest social security offices:

O'Neill Federal Bldg. Room 148 
10 Causeway St. 
Boston, MA 02222-1098

10 Fawcett St. 
Cambridge, MA 02138

University Credit Card Information (for full-time faculty): Citi Corporate Card (see Department Administrator for details) 

Harvard ID Card: Your Harvard ID card requires a photo and is only issued once your appointment is through the system.  At that time you will need to go to the Campus Service Center (Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center, Room 807) to have your photo taken and pick up your ID. The telephone number is 617.496.7827. If you are a foreign national, your appointment cannot be fully processed until you have submitted an I9 to the administrator of the department and filed paperwork in the International Office. Once the I9 is filed it takes a minimum of 7-10 business days for the appointment to be processed fully into the system.

Affiliate Health Insurance: A copy of your Harvard ID is necessary in order to enroll in University Health insurance coverage. It takes 7-10 business days to process active coverage. 

Photocopying, Scanning, and Course Materials Management

Note: Federal copyright law prohibits the reproduction, distribution, public display or public performance of copyrighted materials without permission of the copyright owner, unless fair use or another exemption under copyright law applies.

Photocopier Machines: There are three photocopiers in the department on each floor (see the HAA floor plan).There is also a photocopier in the Fine Arts Library for students and faculty for course related copying.

Course Materials Resources: Many faculty provide PDFs of course material on their course web pages. Most course material is directly uploaded to the course website or linked to through library reserves. Reading selections can also be requested through Scan and Deliver.  it is important to begin the process early.

Other photocopying services
99 Mt. Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Department Governance

Faculty serve on committees as do graduate students and some undergraduates as deemed appropriate.  The Chair holds a town hall meeting each semester to apprise all graduate students of searches and current relevant matters related to the department.  Only full-time ladder faculty are invited to regular department meetings due to the confidential nature of the discussions.