Harvard Art Journal, Vol. VI - Special 25th Reunion Edition, May 2018

July 22, 2022
Front page of reunion edition of HAJ

In May of 2018, a 25th anniversary reunion issue of the Harvard Art Journal was published. The Department of History of Art and Architecture has been given permission to host and provide access to this edition which is available here. HAA is grateful to the work of Paula Rand Hornbostel (AB ‘93), Editor-in-Chief, for bringing this edition to fruition.

"The Harvard Art Journal was founded in 1988 and published between 1988-1992. After a hiatus, wherein technology and art evolved, the HAJ is back. This issue exists because of Tom Batchelder’s unceasing encouragement, in 1992 and in 2017. Shout-out to Tia Fuhrmann for her initial help. This issue salutes the graduates of the class of ‘93 and others, included in these pages or not, for their contribution to or appreciation of the arts, especially the esteemed faculty, curators and program administrators at Harvard who stoke and nourish that dynamic life of the mind and commitment to art and culture which define Harvard. The Journal wishes to thank Harvard University, the Harvard Art Museums, the Department of History of Art and Architecture, dept. of communications and the Harvard Alumni Association, 25th Reunion committee. This issue is dedicated to Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010), who may or may not have ever wondered what happened to that interview conducted in her living room back in 1992 with a nervous Fine Arts major for the Harvard Art Journal. All rights reserved. No new material appearing in this publication may be reproduced without the permission of the publisher."

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