Prof. Alina Payne and Director of I Tatti Lectures at the Louvre: Conferences and Seminars The Living Architecture

September 30, 2016

The role of the human figure as an area shared by all the arts will be at the heart of the first conference, where the architecture will be considered in its deep ties with the body. This is also an opportunity to examine how, in the Renaissance, we define both the artistic territories and their boundaries (as cited in discussions of paragone the sixteenth century), at a time when the work the artist becomes a place of reflection on art as a standalone category and where the nature of the artistic work is defined with some urgency.

Professor of art history and architecture at Harvard University, Alina Payne is currently director of the Villa I Tatti - The Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies. His first architectural training (BArch, McGill University) has led it to consider an approach to architectural history from the perspective of its material and artistic work. She was a visiting professor at various institutions: Harvard University, Villa I Tatti (Florence) Kunsthistorisches / Max Planck Institute (Florence), Practical School of Higher Studies (Paris), Hertziana / Max Planck Institute (Rome), University of Palermo University of Rome "Tor Vergata". She is a member of the editorial board of several international journals (Res Journal of Aesthetics and Anthropology;. I Tatti Studies, Journal of Art Historiography;. Lexicon Storie e architettura in Sicilia e nel Mediterraneo and Architectural Histories) and the series Renovatio Atrium ( Harvey Miller / Brepols). She was rewarded in 2006 by the price of the Human Sciences Research Max Planck and Alexander von Humboldt.