Hollie Buttery

Hollie Buttery

Northern Renaissance
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Hollie Buttery graduated from the University of East Anglia with a BA in Art History and Literature in 2014, and also completing her masters there in 2016. She later undertook another master at Stanford University, which she completed in 2018.

Hollie specialises in Northern European Early Modern art, with a particular interest in 17th-century painting. Her work often takes up the materiality of paint as a substance which facilitates encounter, particularly when considering those bodies which tend to fall outside the traditional notion of a Northern-European, 17th-century subject. At the moment, she is currently working on how artists adapted their painterly techniques, designed to render white bodies visible, in order to depict the increasing diversity of people in Europe in the 16th-century onwards.

Outside of art history, Hollie is a keen gardener and squash player and hopes, one day, to retire to the Scottish Highlands and keep goats.

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